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    Issue Undeploying and Deployment Application in Weblogic Cluster


      We have a production environment wich has one cluster with 40 servers in it. The problems lies when we select one application to undeploy. Weblogic response in administration console says that the undeploy is finished, but when I try to deploy another version of the application it only affect one of the 40 servers of the cluster, the other 39 servers are still with the old version of the application in memory.


      If I restart all the servers it works and all the 40 server get the new version of the application.


      Now we want to do continuous deployment and scripting all the deploy process and we don't want to restart all the 40 servers every deploy.


      Is there any limit of servers in a cluster? I'm saying this because it didin't occur in the stage environment with one cluster with 5  managed servers.


      Do I need any specific node manager configuration to undeploy this 40 managed servers?


      I look in the internet and didin't find any issues related to this.