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    OEM 12C Template Policies


      We have installed OEM and are working on changing over from the current 10g system.  But have run into a question which hopefully someone might be able to provide some insight.  In the 10g system we have created templates for the monitoring.  The templates consist of Metric Thresholds and Policies - say for example "Unlimited Tablespace Quota" .  However, I'm not quite sure how or if such policies exist or can be configured in the 12.1 system.  I was wondering if someone might enlighten  me or provide a pointer to where the methods are documented to setup such policies assuming that they are named the same in 12.1




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          In 12c, Monitoring Templates are hidden by default. In order to access them, you will need to navigate as follows:




          1. Click 'Enterprise' (Drop-down list to the upper-left)

          2. Select 'Monitoring' > 'Monitoring Templates'

          3. Click the check-box entitled 'Display Oracle provided templates and Oracle Certified templates'

          4. (Optional) Select 'Target Type' from the Drop-down list

          5. Click the [Go] button For



          For and later, the display has been changed and some Oracle-provided templates have been dropped:

          1. Click 'Enterprise' (Drop-down list to the upper-left)

          2. Select 'Monitoring' > 'Monitoring Templates'

          3. Click the check-box entitled 'Display Oracle Certified templates'

          4. Click the [Go] button



          See the following reference for a discussion about the changes in EM and later versions:


          Note 1512984.1 Why "Oracle Provided Templates" don't Exist Anymore starting with 12cR2?



          Further documentation is available here:


          Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Administrator's Guide

          12c Release 3 (


          Chapter 1 Overview of Enterprise Monitoring

          Section titled: 1.4 Monitoring: Advanced Setup/1.4.1 Monitoring Templates






          Additionally, the only Metric Templates available are the ones that correspond to the 'Target Types' you have added in EM 12c. If there are no ASM targets, then no ASM-specific Monitoring Templates in Cloud Control will be displayed.




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            Thank you.



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              I was looking at the information you provided and I just make sure I wanted to make sure about the situation - I was wondering about the non-metric polices like in 10G version for example "Unlimited Tablespace Quota".  I was trying to find out the location of those policies or if they had been renamed or elminated  Are you saying that those are now the Other Collected Options? I have look but can't seem to find where those are documented.