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    Cannot install JDK/JRE together using MSI package


      Hello All,


      I have been chasing performing Group Policy deployed Java Installation in the lastest 1.7.55 and 1.8.5 JDK's.


      I can install JRE and JDK silently using the executable installer just fine, however when I use the extracted MSI I can only get the JDK to go on a silent install.


      I have built an MST file specifying my preferred Java and JRE locations, as well as an ADDLOCAL of PublicjreFeature,ToolsFeature.


      This link offers some insight into what's happening in the MSI

      IT Pro Tips for Oracle Java SE Development Kit 6 | ITNinja


      In InstallUISequence, sequence 831 is installpublicjre.


      It seems this will not be triggered in an MSI non-ui install -- which is what is called by AD Group Policy.


      Could this be moved or otherwise added so that the silent install can trigger it?



      Thanks for your help!

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          Well been doing some follow up, and playing with the msi transform.


          CustomAction - installpublicjre - this is what calls the MSI for the JRE.


          Using the executable switch of INSTALLDIRPUBJRE doesn't do anything when called from the MSI transform (adding as a property).


          I made a new CustomAction , where I tweaked the JRE install command to msiexec.exe /i "[INSTALLDIR]\jre.msi" ADDLOCAL=ALL SDKSILENT=1 INSTALLDIR=[INSTALLDIRPUBJRE]


          This works fine in the full gui execution mode, but not in silent mode (/q or /qb so far).


          I tried adding it in to InstallExecuteSequence, but got errors, not sure the right place to put it to get it to run in silent mode.


          Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!