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    freeze/lock up in (infinite window focus loop)


      I'm running SQL Developer 32/64 bit on Windows 7 under JDK 1.7.0_45 and can reproduce this bug consistently.  First I connect to a given Oracle 11g database, minimize the connection and reports bar to the left (still there but as buttons to open over top), I also minimize the log bar to the very bottom, then I open 3 frozen data viewers and set it up with 1 big tab on the left side, 1 small on the right upper half, and finally 1 small on the right lower half (so all 3 are visible).  If I make changes in top or bottom right half (sometimes several in a row but usually after one the error happens) and commit, the log pops up like it's supposed to and shows the success message, then when it tries to focus back on the data tab I committed in SQL Developer gets confuses and freezes.  At the top I see the bar being updated continuously with the tab database/table name like it doesn't know which one to go back to and just cycles infinitely.  Only once has it snapped out of it, every other time I have to kill SQL Developer and restart.


      Is anyone else getting this?  It's pretty consistent so I'm surprised it hasn't been addressed it.  This wasn't never a problem in 3.x only in 4.x has it popped up.

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          Reproduced, and logged a bug for it



          SQL Developer QA Team

          Emily Ning

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            Brian Jeffries-Oracle

            Ah, took a bit, but this only happens when (and in certain, as yet undetermined circumstances, as soon as) the Editor (data viewer) is placed in the left ("Navigator") dock. This may also happen in the mirror image case, but I have not tried it.


            The bad news is that this is not a loop in the classic sense, but more a game of hot potato with crossed event notifications. "Who" needs to keep quite and under what circumstances is still a mystery.


            The good news is that this behavior is easy to avoid. Arranging the editors as desired in the center dock area works fine. I would suggest starting with the connections still expanded to get a feel for the difference in how the dock target outline indications look between "left half of center" and "on top of connections". This can also be done via the context menus creating tab groups in the "editor" area.


            Brian Jeffries

            SQL Developer Team