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    Archiving Policy


      I would like to correct a mistake in the following thread: Oracle SQL Developer 3.x on Linux Ubuntu 11.10 how-to


      But I cannot because the discussion has been locked and archived. According to previous discussions about the current archiving policy, I suppose the thread was archived due to lack of activity for 120 days. However, since it had nearly 14500 views, I wonder if this is really the case, or whether or not reading does not count as activity?


      If I understood correctly, the thread cannot be "unarchvied" in order to be unlocked. I can create a new thread or refer to that thread and make a correction, but it won't do much good. I think the current archiving policy really sucks and needs to be much more relaxed.

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          I noticed this post quite some time after you posted it and took a peek at what you linked.


          Describing what I see using timestamps (which we've all come to realize can be fluid).


          Archived?  Yes.  I'm uncertain if even an administrator can reverse that state.

          Locked?  Not as I look at it.

          (I do seem to recall that a number of your HowTo threads did get locked to prevent resurrections and hijacks.)


          The original text in that 2011 thread now has a timestamp on it approx two hours after you started this "please unlock" request.

          That's either when is was unlocked by someone or when you found that, as original author, you might be able to edit it again.


          Have a go at it.


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            ... and

            If I understood correctly, the thread cannot be "unarchvied" in order to be unlocked.

            They're independent states.

            However, since it had nearly 14500 views, I wonder if this is really the case, or whether or not reading does not count as activity?


            Archiving puts a thread into read-only mode and views are merely a summary count.

            That's why the "Trending" posts listed on the global home view are the most viewed items, not the most relevant items.

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              The last time I modified the post is most likely more than 4 month ago. I remember that I asked to unlock the post because the format got screwed up after the forum upgrade. Since I occasionally get feedback for that post via email, I thought I would adjust the header and code display to look properly. Unfortunately, I made an error in the last line and did not notice. It's not a very big deal and rather obvious though, but I was informed about it recently.


              What I actually meant was: Since the post has 14500 views, I was wondering whether reading might not count as activity and that's why the post was archived. I would think the thread must have had some hits during the last couple of month, but of course I don't know.

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                Global archiving was enabled (I think) in mid-November 2013  with that 120 day threshold, and to confirm --> viewing does indeed NOT count as activity.   A thread would need new content such as a reply.


                I'd offer to try to edit the text in the thread but I'm not going to touch anything in your terminal representations.  I would only attempt to work on the plain text content..

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                  The last line of the terminal sed command should replace true with false and not false with false. It's not really a big deal and rather obvious, I guess. Anyway, many thanks for offering your assistance!


                  I also wanted to take the chance to remind OTN staff that there are members who are not happy with the archiving policy. If archiving cannot be done without locking a thread, then I think the current archiving policy needs to be removed or the activity deadline needs to be a lot more reasonable.


                  So if viewing does not count as activity, then it makes the situation even worse. It may not matter so much for regular discussions, I suppose, but I think to be able to update a thread when exchanging technical information is absolutely necessary.


                  It reminds me of attachments and images, which is hopefully going to be addressed. And then there are documents now, which are an improvement to the site, but now I wonder whether this might be subject to an archiving policy too, in the future.


                  Maybe after all these experiences it is time to think about posting links instead of content. But I would rather not want to maintain my own website. I thought OTN would be the best place, but if Oracle keeps changing fundamentals, such as being able to edit posts, I'm not so sure anymore. Plus there are a several other annoyances, which are simply not going away.

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                    And if I may add, it seems that Jive may be the current trend, but it is obviously unable to provide a reliable and efficient forum platform and interface. I think a technical oriented audience would expect more from Jive and Oracle than what is currently provided. I guess nobody will know what it will be in a couple of years, but Jive does not seem to have improved technically considering the current and previous versions. Why would anyone assume this is going to change in the future?

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                      We are planning to change the auto-archive settings due to multiple situations like this, and due to the difficulty of un-archiving. I'll let you know when the change hits, but it will be extended to a year.


                      To keep a forum active, there needs to be a reply posted. Viewing, liking, or bookmarking doesn't do it.