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    Issue with jQuery-based datepicker with time component (APEX 4.x).


      Hello all,


      This question is about the jQuery based datepicker available since Apex 4.0.


      Problem description:

      In our application we use items of type datepicker with a format mask that includes a time component (hours and minutes). Opening the datepicker popup by clicking the icon next to the associated item now shows two select lists used to modify the hours and minutes.


      When you open the datepicker popup, select a random date and time, click the close button and reopen it, the highlighted (selected) date component value has been reset to its default value or the associated item's session state value. The time component however matches the time of the value in the associated item. So when closing the popup after changing the time component, the date value suddenly has changed too. Expected behaviour would be that when reopening the datepicker popup, the highlighted date value would be the item's current value, like in the normal datepicker popup with a date component only.


      As a result we get erroneous date time values because customers do not notice nor expect the change of the date component value when reopening the datepicker popup to change the time.



      I've setup a case with instructions on how to simulate the problem here: https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=23657

      Login: demo

      Password: demo



      I'm looking for a way to enforce the datepicker with a time component to use the value in the associated item as the selected date component value in the datepicker popup. Anyone who knows a way to achieve this?


      Greetings, Erik