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    Is there any way to copy EAs?


      We are on v6111.  We have an Extended Attribute that we would like to make distinct for denorm for reporting purposes.  This attribute would be used in 18 different places in the same the Custom Custom Section.  The EA is Qualitative with six single selections in a drop down box.  We would like to find out if it is possible to copy EA1A and make copies that we could rename EA2A, EA3A, EA4A .... etc without having to type in each of the six selections for each copy.


      I am not seeing an option to do this in the ADMN >> EA UI.


      We do realize that if a seventh qualitative answer is added later, it would need to be done on each, but I'm seeing if there is an easier method than manually created these over and over to plug into my custom section.


      Thanks for any suggestions.  --BeckieC

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          If you switch it to a qualitative lookup you could use the same selection list for all EAs.  Then you can just maintain one selection list, this may simplify things for you.   You can use the admin toolkit to create the qualitative list.


          You can also copy an extended attribute by selecting "Copy" in the action menu when the extended attribute is in read mode.

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            OK, did not look in the action menu for copy.  Was looking on the action icon bar for a copy icon.  Only have create new there.  Why not have a copy icon (function) next to create new?  Would have a scroll on mouse for improved UX.  Sadly, now that I know how to work the copy function, I don't feel like going to the effort of creating an ER.

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              If you find you copy a lot you can definitely add a copy icon by just copying the action menu copy node into the Admin sitemap xml file Icon section. 

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                We are looking into reconfiguring our existing EAs from generic types to specific types to be usable in DENORM.  Denorm in its current format did not exist in 6.0.0.x for our original configuration.  Now I want to make a lot of similar/replicated EAs so they can be set to distinct for inclusion and use in Denorm tables.  That's really the only use case I have for copy function.  Our generic non-distinct EAs are multiplying at a rate of 8-10x to become specific named EAs for reporting of custom data.