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    Values entered in a textarea not being written to the database table

    John Ramuta-Oracle

      I have a very odd situation.  I have a form that has a number of fields on it, all of them standard apex text fields.


      I have a button that calls a dynamic action which writes the values of those fields to their respective columns in the table.  No problem with any of this.


      I have just added a textarea field, defined with a maximum length of 300 characters, that maps onto a new column in the database table that is defined as VARCHAR2(300).


      I modified the PL/SQL statement to include the value of this new field in the write to the database table.  When I execute the dynamic action, everything else in the form gets updated, but the text in the textarea does not get added to the table.


      In the session data, the page data is correct. The Session State of the textarea field is also correct.


      It's not just one text area, it's ANY textarea I put on this page.  If I take a text field, and change it into a textarea field, the same thing happens.  If I take the new textarea field and change it into a text field, the data gets written to the database table.


      Can anyone explain this?  I can get by with only text fields, but it would look a lot better if I could have a field where the information in it could wrap appropriately to the next line.