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    Cross Sell and UpSell

    Arun Tvs

      How to implement cross sell and up sell in atg ??????????

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          ATG has default properties for cross sell and upsell. You can refer to ProductCatalog Repository, product item-descriptor.

          FixedRelatedProducts and DynamicRelatedProducts for cross sell, and FixedUpsellProducts and DynamicUpsellProducts for upsell.


          Hope it helps.

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            Arun Tvs


                I agree with you..but adding items in product catalog for fixed related products and dynamic related products  wont help...for displaying those products we need to create a slot and scenario and I need that logical code for displaying them via few iterations....

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              Samdani Gulam

              regarding displaying of upsell and cross sell products use the properties which Grando has mentioned , What is your requirement in displaying  as you were mentioning creation of  a slot and scenarios ?

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                If you want to use ProductCatalog cross and upsell properties, you can just iterate in these properties using ForEach droplet.

                You don't need to use slots and scenarios for these properties.


                Explain more about your logical requirement, so we can help you.


                Hope it helps.

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                  Arun Tvs

                  hi Grando

                                    I saw in Oracle ATG documentation that we are supposed to use a slot and a scenario for displaying cross sell and upsell products.They gave an example slot called RelatedItemsOfCart  and a scenario named RelatedItemSlot. here is the link http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23507_01/Platform.20073/ATGCommStoreGuide/html/s0705usingscenariostocrosssellandupse01.html.

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                    If you want to display cross-sells or upsells for a single product, for example on a product detail page, you can refer to the product's properties directly, as Grando said.  There is no requirement that you use a slot and scenario.


                    The RelatedItemsOfCart slot and matching scenario are designed to help you display the union of all the cross-sells for all the products in the shopper's current cart.  The scenario uses a special action that iterates over the items in the cart, looks up each product, and adds the product's relatedProducts to the slot.  Duplicates are eliminated, as are products that already appear in the cart.  As you might imagine, gathering the cross-sells for everything in the cart is a non-trivial amount of work.  For that reason, the slot is session scoped.  The scenario clears out the slot whenever the cart contents change.  Clearing the slot causes the cross-sells to be recomputed the next time you try to display what's in the slot.