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    Photos access from database


      I am building an application in servlet which will take the image from android client and will store it in a folder in my server and will store its url in the database. I am using java cloud with data base cloud. How can I create a folder in data base cloud and what will be the url of my images after storing it.” and “I am scheduling a job to run at a particular time in oracle database cloud which is as follows. I searched on internet and I found that this error comes due to not having permissions of dba ? what should I do to execute this statement

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          You do not have access to the underlying file system in the Oracle Database Cloud, based on the need to implement full isolation based on schemas and insure the security of all customers.  You could store an image in the database, or in some outside storage service, such as the Oracle Storage Service, and access it via RESTful Web Services.  You could then store the URI for the RESTful Web Service instead of the path name.


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