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    Oracle Developers Tools ( Not Showing in Visual Studio 2012 Professional




      I'm installing the ODAC with Developer Tools in a brand new x86 Oracle home. (I also have an existing x64 Oracle home).


      After installing, none of the developer tools are working in Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 Professional. There's no error messages either. I simply cannot select the Oracle Data Provider for .NET when connecting to a database. I only have the option to use the built in "deprecated" provider. Also, the Developer Tools does not show up in the About page for Installed products. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling all of my Oracle instances but have not had success.


      I tried running devenv.exe /log but the resulting log has no messages at all relating to Oracle.


      Reinstalling Visual Studio is not an option as our installs are highly regulated by our IT department.