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    Merging Log Files with same name




      I have log files with same name 00000000.jdb (because created at different machines). I would like to merge data stored in these two files.

      I tried below approaches which do not work:


      1. rename one of the files -> doesn't work as file header has file name info which doesn't match with renamed value

      2. db dump/load -> dump and load works without error. (i have to dump Entity related Database and Format related Database -- from -l option) However when i try to read the file, it gives error.

      Exception in thread "main" com.sleepycat.je.EnvironmentFailureException: (JE 5.0.103) Catalog could not be refreshed, may indicate corruption, errorFormatId=52 nFormats=51, . UNEXPECTED_EXCEPTION: Unexpected internal Exception, may have side effects.


      I am using EntityStore and thus Annotated Entities.


      Does any one has any insights?