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    Sunfire x4150 doesn't boot after 1 disk failure

    Vadim Moscow


      We have 8 disks in the server

      RAID1 (2x146Gb)

      RAID5 (6x300Bb)

      Yesterday one of the disks of RAID-5 indicated that it is out of order

      We restarted the serve

      As we have no spare disks we started in BIOS of the raid adapter rebuild option.

      Then Win2003R2 server loaded and the server was left at Ctrl-Alt-Del state.

      This morning  we found the server not reachable from the outside.

      I rebooted the server several times, first it started normally (both RAIDs were displayed in Optimal state),

      But Windows Server doesn't boot.

      No save/save with network/last good known...


      What are possible directions of activity?


      We need to restore data from these 6 disks (RAID5)

      Or repair the whole server if possible


      If I disconnect 6x300Gb disks and boot with two disks from RAID-1

      Will it work, if I connect those 6 disks back?


      What are possible utilities or software to manage this problem?


      Thank you in advance,