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    payroll costed elements




      we are working in oracle applications 11i. we are trying to implement the payroll gl interface. Now, the GL super user has a requirement to exclude some of the (elements) from being costed. She wants them to be accounted but not costed. Is there any way we can achieve that?


      P.S. In elements links the costable type is costed for  all elements. The costing and balancing accounts are always entered without cost center. We have defined the cost center at the level of the organization and at the level of the employees assignments.




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          I guess i have not described it well.

          Payroll costing/accounting is made at two levels: at elements links we define the accounts.

          at the organization level or the assignment level we define the cost center

          assuming our costing gl account for  TAX deductions element link  is 1234 and  balancing  gl account is defined  as 5678  . For staff A the cost center is defined as 901. After running costing the following will happen

          the tax amount for staff A will be credited from account 901.1234 and debited from account 901.5678.



          is there any way the accounting for only some elements can be as follows:

          crediting 000.1234 and debiting 000.5678 ?


          thanks & regards,


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            Hi Abeer,


            You can try Fixed Costed type of costing.


            When the elements are fixed costed, the values at Org and Asg level are not considered. Therefore at element level, you can give the Cost Center as 000 and the account for costing as 1234 and balancing as 5678.


            Therefore the accounting entry generated would be 000.1234 DR and 000.5678 CR


            I hope this works for you.



            Aakash Shah