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    Error in closing SR


      Hi All,


      When we are closing a particular SR, it is not closing and message is coming as 'Prior Preventive Maintenence Service Requests for the customer product's unit effectively exist. Please close all the earlier Service Requests first.'

      I cannot find any prior open SR for this customer/customer product.

      Please reply for this.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Gaurav Joshi.

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          Hi Gaurav,

          Can you please run the below two queries and provide us the outputs?

          SELECT csi.incident_id,
          FROM cs_incidents_all_b csi,
            ahl_unit_effectivities_vl aueb,
            cs_incident_links cil
          WHERE cil.object_id     = aueb.unit_effectivity_id
          AND cil.object_type     = 'AHL_UMP_EFF'
          AND cil.link_type_id    = 6
          AND csi.incident_id     = cil.subject_id
          AND csi.incident_number = '2273864'
          SELECT csi.incident_id,
          FROM cs_incidents_all_b csi,
            ahl_unit_effectivities_vl aueb,
            cs_incident_links cil
          WHERE (aueb.status_code            IS NULL
          OR aueb.status_code                 = 'INIT-DUE')
          AND cil.object_id                   = aueb.unit_effectivity_id
          AND cil.object_type                 = 'AHL_UMP_EFF'
          AND cil.link_type_id                = 6
          AND csi.incident_id                 = cil.subject_id
          AND NVL(csi.status_flag, 'O')      <> 'C'
          AND NVL(aueb.forecast_sequence, -1) < <forecast seq from query 1>
          AND aueb.csi_item_instance_id       = <customer prod id from query 1>
          AND NVL(aueb.mr_header_id, 0)       = <mr_header_id from query 1>
          AND csi.incident_id                <> (select incident_id from cs_incidents_all_b where incident_number='2273864');


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            It is because of incorrect closed status in cs_incidents_all_b.