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    EDQ - uninstall/reinstall problem in win8



      I have innstaled latest version of quick start package for windows (my OS is win 8). Everything went fine until I try change the metadata repository from PostgreSQL to Oracle database. Since this i cant run director (this error appears on startup http://i.nahraj.to/f/FlU.jpg

      I reverted my changes and try to set up Postgre SQL back, but same error. So then I decided to unninstal the SW through uninstallDirector.exe. It seems like unnistalation was complete w/o problems, but EDQ is still installed after that. When I try to install EDQ again, the installer told me that is another version installed, but i can upgrade it.. but the upgrade always end in this point with this exception. http://i.nahraj.to/f/FlX.jpg


      So im asking, could you give me some advice how to solve any of these errors? is there another way how to uninstall this SW?


      Kind regards