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    ora-28509 and ora-28511 when attempting to join oracle with postgresql in query


      I have attempted to run the following statement.

      select a."uri", b.person_id from "sources"@postgresql a, ct_person_src_ref_store b where decoder(b.source_uri) = a."id";


      This is the error I get.

      ERROR at line 1:

      ORA-28511: lost RPC connection to heterogeneous remote agent using

      SID=ORA-28511: lost RPC connection to heterogeneous remote agent using



      ORA-28509: unable to establish a connection to non-Oracle system

      ORA-02063: preceding line from POSTGRESQL

      Process ID: 116908

      Session ID: 5197 Serial number: 49491


      I have a resulting trace file from having HS_FDS_TRACE_LEVEL = DEBUG.  It's kind of long (490 lines).  I'm hesitant to paste the whole log into this posting. Is there a certain part of the trace file that I can post that would assist in helping me determine the cause of the error?