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    KK_HYP_BCHK App Engine to Load Hyperion Budget into PeopleSoft 9.1


      Has anyone successfully run the App engine KK_HYP_BCHK to load the budget data from Hyperion to PeopleSoft Commitment Control 9.1 Budget Journal?  We have granted security access to the pages, set up the Source Transaction Types (HYP_CHECK and HYP_POST per Oracle document), and assigned the Component to the App Engine.  However, the App engine is running to "No Success" on the Process Monitor.  The following is the message log:

      SeverityLog TimeMessage TextExplain
      104:10:46PMCommitment Control Budget Processing has begun.Explain
      4:10:46PMRecord   not definedExplain
      4:10:46PMMeta-SQL error at or near position 61 in statementExplain
      4:10:46PMProcess 1853495 ABENDED at Step FS_BP_PROC.Finish.uKKStat (SQL) -- RC = ?Explain
      504:10:46PM1853495 FS_BP_PROC Finish uKKStat SQL ?Explain
      4:11:00PMPublished message with ID 5e3b9d6e-ca73-11e3-8900-f3dccb684445 to create entry in folder GENERAL.Explain
      4:11:00PMSuccessfully posted generated files to the report repositoryExplain


      We looked at the FS_BP_PROC.Finish.uKKStat (SQL) but everything looks good and all records are ok.  The second line (Record  not defined) appears to have an extra space in it because it cannot find some record, but do not know which.  I just wanted to see if anyone else has successfully being able to load a budget from Hyperion into PeopleSoft  Commitment Control?  Thanks