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    To skip/ bypass the search page


      At component level, I have one record and I have added people code  SetSearchDialogBehavior(0) on Record (TERM_PLAN_HIS) trigger SearchInit.

      I have also added the code at component level on trigger PreBuild

      Local string &loginID;

      &loginID = %EmployeeId;

      rem PSOPRDEFN.OPRID.Value;

      TERM_PLAN_HIS.EMPLID.Value = &loginID;


      I want to pass the search page but its not working. Search key is defined on EMPLID. Thanks in advance


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          Radhakrishnan P

          Hi Ahmed,


          Please check

          1. Is Emplid the only search key in the component

          2. When you are bypassing the search page, if the search record return any rows for your employee id then it will directly go into the page. But the search record doesn't fetch any row for your criteria then it will be in Search page only.



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            Hi Ahmed,

            If there is a search key defined on your search record, then it is bound to take you to the search page. Either you would have to specify a record that does not have a key field(like INSTALLATION) or over-ride the search record on "Menu Item Properties" - when you double click on a Menu Item, on the dialog box that appears, there is a checkbox that says "Override"


            Hope this helps.