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    Logout all APEX sessions to upgrade an application

    Nico Martens



      Ok, it is well known that when you upgrade an application (replace it with a new version) you first need to logout of the application.

      If you don't do this the application in your current session will become very unstable.


      I don't have DBA rights. I'm a simple application developer

      I have a go of the business to upgrade a certain application in production with a new version that is firmly tested.


      What I want is a simple procedure to logout all currently connected users so I can upgrade the application without having to worry about unstable sessions.

      Imho this should be possible in the sql worksheet off my workspace where only application developers have access to.


      Is there a way to do this or do I really have to ask the DBA's to kill all the sessions manually?? Trust me, they won't like it