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    Unable to Alter Datafile


      unable to Alter Database Datafile 


      Hi All,


      While using Alter database datafile 'C:\Oracle\APP\ORADATA\...\USERS01.DBF' RESIZE 100M;

      getiing this error.


      SQL> Alter database datafile 'C:\Oracle\APP\ORADATA\...\USERS01.DBF' RESIZE 100M;
      ERROR Report :
      SQL Error : ORA-01237: can not extend datafile 4

      ORA-01110 : data file 4 : 'C:\Oracle\APP\ORADATA\...\USERS01.DBF'

      ORA-27059: could not reduce file Size

      OSD-04005 : SetFilterPointer() failure , unable to read from file

      o/s-error : (OS 112) There is not enough space on the disk.


      01237. 00000 - "cannot extend datafile %s"

      *cause : An Operating system error occured during the resize.

      *Action : Fix the cause of the operating system error and retry the command


      I understand the OS space is full and I guess this is not specific Oracle error but definately an OS level error, Could any one suggest me how to deal with clearing the space, is it possible to clear and reuse the datafiles ? please suggest.


      Help me out



      Thanks and Regards,