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    Creating a job schedule without using Director

    Jon Coat

      Currently we're using "chores" in config\autorun\startup to deploy a dxi file and then to start some jobs (see below, names changed to protect the innocent) when the EDQ server comes up. There is another job that needs to be scheduled to run at a specific time every day. For the initial deploy to production the job schedule could be created in our Dev Director and promoted. Should this time require changing it would be far easier if the time could be set without having to go through the pain of a full Dev to Prod change process. Can this time be set from here (or using any other method) that doesn't require the schedule to be created in Director first and then creating a new dxi and deploying it. Changing the schedule via prod Director is a no-no as the schedule could be overwritten by a subsequent deploy.


      <chores version="1">

      <!-- Run the job -->

              <package direction="in" dir="dxi" file="zzz.dxi" overwrite="true" />

      <runjob project="zzz" job="job1" waitforcompletion="true"/>

      <runjob project="zzz" job="job2" waitforcompletion="true"/>

      <runjob project="zzz" job="job3" waitforcompletion="false"/>

      <runjob project="zzz" job="job4" waitforcompletion="false"/>






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          Hi Jon,


          The above appears to assume that a schedule is packaged in a DXI file. This is not the case. A schedule is configured on a server, and I am not aware of a way of packaging it up as a file. Therefore a DXI deployment cannot overwrite a schedule. With autorun, you are effectively just setting some chores to run after importing the file (at startup) and they will run as configured. This is not the same as importing a schedule, so it would not override any scheduling that is configured on the server.


          It seems to me that the answer is to allow a permission-restricted user to adjust the schedule using Server Console on the production system. You could also consider moving away from using Autorun to start jobs and just schedule them to run at startup, perhaps so that the full logical schedule can be viewed in the UI.


          Alternatively you could use an external scheduler which of course means not having to access or adjust anything in EDQ at all.





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            Jon Coat

            Hi Mike, thanks for the info. I seem to have wrongly convinced myself I'd seen job schedule info in an unpacked dxi file when I was doing something else. We have these jobs in the "chores" because they have to run consecutively at start up and this is what was set up by the Oracle Consultant that was here at the time. I'm not server savvy so I'll have a chat with our server team about external schedulers.