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    Following simple instructions fails for Scene Builder demo


      Running on MacBook Pro, OS 10.9.2, Java 8.

      In the last few days, I downloaded NetBeans 8, Scene Builder (javafx_scenebuilder-2_0-ea-b14-macosx-universal-13_feb_2014) and the Samples,



      The samples_readme.txt file includes the lines,


      The following example shows how to build and run HelloI18N on Mac (where Java 8 from Oracle is installed at its default location):

      ant -Dplatforms.JDK_1.8.home=/usr -f HelloI18N/build.xml run


      Here's what I do and see:


      $ant -version

      Apache Ant(TM) version 1.9.3 compiled on December 23 2013


      $ls -1









      $ant -Dplatforms.JDK_1.8.home=/usr -f HelloI18N/build.xml run

      Buildfile: /Users/robertfutrelle/NetBeans/NetBeans Scene Builder projects/javafx_scenebuilder_samples-2_0-ea-b14-13_feb_2014/HelloI18N/build.xml



      /Users/robertfutrelle/NetBeans/NetBeans Scene Builder projects/javafx_scenebuilder_samples-2_0-ea-b14-13_feb_2014/HelloI18N/build.xml:3: Cannot find /Users/robertfutrelle/NetBeans/NetBeans Scene Builder projects/javafx_scenebuilder_samples-2_0-ea-b14-13_feb_2014/HelloI18N/nbproject/build-impl.xml imported from /Users/robertfutrelle/NetBeans/NetBeans Scene Builder projects/javafx_scenebuilder_samples-2_0-ea-b14-13_feb_2014/HelloI18N/build.xml


      Total time: 2 seconds


      I've been using Eclipse for years. But NetBeans, JavaFX, and Scene Builder are brand-new to me.

      I have succeeded in running the JavaFX ColorfulCircles.java example using both NetBeans and Eclipse.
      (Also, I haven't used Ant for anything in years - Eclipse did all the project setup and running for me.)


      Dragging components in Scene Builder is simple enough.

      It's Ant running Hello18N that failed.


      I've seen many authoritative replies on this list, so I'm hopeful.


      (It's working here at Peet's, a few blocks from the Boston Marathon in progress. Good weather for it.)


      - Bob Futrelle

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          Yves Joan-Oracle

          Hi Bob,


          Thanks output of "ls -1" I see the file build-impl.xml is on top level as no such file should be there (I mean right after unzip of samples bundle you do not get it here).

          What I suspect is that this file was originally in HelloI18N/nbproject/, which is the place it is looked for according the error message you get.

          Once this file is back to its original location that should do way better, but you'll bump another (small) issue: the sample will refuse to start because the main class is not found: it is fixed in the SceneBuilder 2.0 GA build which we hope to get public soon, and for the time being you have to add an extra option on the command line and go with:


          ant -Dplatforms.JDK_1.8.home=/usr -Dmain.class=helloi18n.Main -f HelloI18N/build.xml run


          Let us know how it does !