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    Supplier Collaboration v611x Any Known eQ Limitations?


      Hi There,


      We are on v6111 in our PRODUCTION environment.  We have recently started using the Supplier_Create_eQ tags on Custom Sections to allow the Supplier to select which values in those sections best apply to the food or beverage product they are manufacturing for us.  Since configuration there have been several reports from suppliers that they are getting unhandled exception messages upon submission.  Save and Save & Close both work fine.  I have done several interations of testing and we are finding that these errors are extremely intermittent.  Today I build ten progressively larger eQs between summary fieilds, add compliance items, add nutruitional items, add small pre-populated custom sections, added supplier row selectable section, and then another supplier row selectable.


      It appears that there is some limitation of what eQ can submit.  We are finding that the more information that a supplier attempts to input into the eQ, the more likely they are to get the error message.  We have also found that when these errors occur, validation for required information does not fire prior to the error.  As we are trying to move forward with Supplier Collaboration and saw CS_Add_Row tags as a usable enhancement, does anyone know what the limitation to improve the Supplier Experience?


      Thank you.  --BeckieC