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    Master specifcation as related specs

    Melissa Patterson

      We attach 2-3 masters specs to each raw material specification. The order in which we add them is the order that we need them to print out on the raw material spec. Usually it keeps them in the same order that you add them. Sometimes we see that the order flips after you add the masters specs and save and close. We have also seen this when adding supporting docs to a master spec. We will add 2 seperate JPEGS, then when you save and close, it flips the order. Is the system designed to maintain the order in which you add the supporting docs and/or master specs to another spec type?

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          Go ahead and submit an SR.   We have a sequence number in the db that should be respected.  The sequence should be set when you add the explicit master spec. 


          If you want direct control over the order go ahead and submit an enhancement request and we can add a reorder control.  We hope to offer a reorder control for supporting documents in our next major release but we had no plans for explicit master specs.