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    "Error 105: Login with token to MaxUni" error when adding an Essbase Server

    Jedi Knight

      I have deployed Hyperion Planning and Essbase with Embedded WebLogic HTTP Server on Windows 2008 Server R2. Then I applied patch #17767309 (this is for EAS Server - release 500). Then having logged into EAS web console as 'admin', I added an Essbase Server node and then when trying to expand it, I get nothing below it and the following message in the area at the bottom: "Error 105: Login with token to MaxUni".


      I stopped all EPM services, deleted 'tmp' folder in 'Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\EPMSystem\servers\AdminServer' folder and I redeployed EAS Server and Essbase using EPM System Configurator - it is following advice found in this thread: https://community.oracle.com/message/11325472#11325472

      Then I restarted all EPM services and logged into EAS console as admin again, removed and added an Essbase Server again and I am getting the same "Error 105: Login with token to MaxUni" when trying to expand the Essbase Server node again.


      How can I resolve this? I will very much appreciate any hints!