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    External AD authentication in Weblogic server





      In Weblogic 10 i have configured to authenticate user using custom login module which accepts Active Directory User Name and Password and authenticates user and it is working as expected.

      But now customer wants Direct redirection to application's home page when he clicks on login page without entering user name and password when he is trying to access application second time. Once user authenticated by AD user name and password next time it should read password from his AD account and allow user to login.



      Can any one help me what settings i have to enable in weblogic to allow user to login to application by reading AD account username and password.






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          Hi Kirti,


          The requirement asked by your customer can be fulfilled by configuring kerberos authentication for the application .


          Once kerberos is enables, and users tries to access the application and if the resource is protected, the user will be automatically authenticated with his machine userid/password which is authenticated through AD.


          But below are pre-requisite before you consider the kerberos authentication :

          All the clients machine ( machine through which application is accessed ) is present in one domain under AD ( let say AD domain as : abc.com )

          All the clients id's should be under the same AD domain ( abc.com ) and clients are accessing their machine based on AD authentication .

          The application which is to be access should also present in the same AD domain ( abc.com )

          WLS server which is hosting the application should be present in the same AD domain ( abc.com )


          Refer to below link for more details :