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    Custom Section Printing




      I am having troubles getting the text of an extended attribute within a custom section, to stay within the confines of the cell which it appears in. The text is free text and could have numbers, letters, special characters in it. I have noticed the the texts overflows the border unless spaces are input (which we wouldn't always want).


      I know that it is the ExtendedAttributes$xlate$.xsl that needs edited. I've tried adding wrap option in the following places within this file but it has not worked. Any suggestions?


      <xsl:for-each select="Cells/Cell">
            <fo:table-cell xsl:use-attribute-sets="bordered">
             <fo:block white-space-collapse="true" wrap-option="wrap" language="en">
                 <xsl:variable name="AttributeValue">
               <xsl:apply-templates select="ExtendedAttribute/AttributeValue"/>
              <xsl:if test="string-length($AttributeValue) != 0">
               <xsl:apply-templates select="ExtendedAttribute/Tags/Tag" mode="Styling"/>
               <xsl:apply-templates select="ExtendedAttribute/AttributeValue"/>




      <xsl:template match="AttributeValue[../AttributeType='Free Text']|AttributeValue[../AttributeType='Calculated Text']">
        <fo:block hyphenate="true" wrap-option="wrap" language="en">
         <xsl:value-of select="Text"/>