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    How do I get the OracleDbType of table columns from ODP.NET?


      Hello Everyone


      My company still use Oracle 8i database, but we need to replacement our work to C#.NET.


      So we need to create our MVCS structure


      My environment just needs us to create our own Model for MVCS structure.


      I find some sample such as DataReader.GetSchemaTable, but it return the DataTable which has datatype  of column is System.String ,.etc


      But if the type of column in database is Char, the GetSchemaTable function still gives me the System.String.


      My DAO Layer will use those datatype of Model to binding parameter, if the property of Model is string, I will convert to OracleDbType.Varchar2 for parameter binding.


      So, there is the problem. How can I get the right OracleDbType of table columns from ODP.NET?


      Thank you for your patience to read my question.