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    Goldengate should index match between source and target




      We have a goldengate setup on table level.  Should the number of indexes needs to match between source table and target table for GG to work?


      1) In source 50 index are there, however in target 49 is there and still i see GG replication working for some tables


      Could this be the other way around?  Like in source it is 45 tables and target 50 tables? will the GG replication still work?




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          You mainly want to make sure that the key values used to define the tables on source and target match.  You don't need to worry about matching source and target indexes one to one if that's not a business requirement for you, but again, the key indexes should match.


          You can set NODYNAMICRESOLUTION in the parameter files, start both the Extract and Replicat, and look at the reports generated for each to check which key values the Extract and REplicat chose for a table(s).


          As long as those match, that's all you really need as far as indexes needing to be the same.