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    Adding specific items to a search result


      Is it possible to add a specific record (or list of records) to a search result. This would be used for either marketing or personalization, but would allow the items to be part of the result set refinements.



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          In thinking about the options for the issue as described, using EQL could be an option.  Using Nrs you could concoct a query that mimics the main query and then add OR conditions to add in the records you need.

          For example:

          Nrs=collection()/record[endeca:matches(.,"YourSearchInterface","YourTerm","allpartial") or endeca:matches(.,"RecordIdField","RecordIdOfRecord")]

          or multiples

          Nrs=collection()/record[endeca:matches(.,"YourSearchInterface","YourTerm","allpartial") or endeca:matches(.,"RecordIdField","RecordIdOfRecord1") or endeca:matches(.,"RecordIdField","RecordIdOfRecord2")]