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    Documentation Pointer Request: Which Guide for DeNorm DDL?


      Hi there, we are on v6112 in TEST/QA and v6113 in DEV.


      Import message reads .... 

      Successfully imported
      Custom+Data_Custom+Sections635342875205356250 123.exp (case fixed ) from Source (QAEXP) to Target (QAIMP) The De-normalization structure for the following custom sections has been modified: XXXXXXXX. You will need to regenerate the DDL for these custom sections.


      I am looking for the documentation that tells me the step-by-step for how to generate and re-generate the custom section denorm DDL as I cannot seem to find it.  I assume I'm having a brain malfunction and need help getting a pointer.  Thank you.

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          Ron M-Oracle

          This basically means that you have modified the structure of a custom section that is being denormalized. The custom section is mapped to a specific database table and the schema has changed, so the table has to be recreated and re-denormalized.


          This is done via a database script, DENORM_GEN_DLL, which should be executed by your DBA. This script would remove the existing table and recreate it with the new structure, and mark if as ready for denormalization. The Denorm process can then be run to take any existing data for that custom section and import it into that table.


          You can read the details about this in the Custom Section Denormalization guide in the Extensibility Pack(s).