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    Hiding / filtering rows in Interactive Report with one click




      I'm using an Interactive Report in my Apex application and the users have requested a way to hide a row (filter it out) with a single click. So for example they would click a row, and (perhaps based on the ID field of that row) the row is hidden from the report and added to the filters at the top of the report - so that the filter can be removed later.


      Anyone know of a way to accomplish this with a single click (or even a couple of clicks)?


      I'm using Apex 4.2 by the way.



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          Hi Vinny,


          You can use jQuery .hide() and .show() functions to hide a row. I can imagine an on click dynamic action that can hide the row. You should be able to pick your filter value from the table row. Once you have saved that value in an variable, you can set the interactive report filter using:

          - the filter search field

          - running the javascript/ajax call that apex runs once you press the GO button of the search bar.


          You can set the search field using:

          $s('apexir_SEARCH', '<value you want to search for>');


          You can start the search by using the following function:



          If you need any help with the dynamic action, please set up an example on apex.oracle.com


          Apperantly the idea of setting your own filters in an interactive report has been discussed before. You might want to take a look at this blog: The gReport.search function for APEX Interactive ReportsApexNinjas | ApexNinjas


          Kind regards,

          Vincent Deelen



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