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    Why is an "out-of-place" upgrade?


      While the upgrade went fairly smoothly, I do not understand why it did not upgrade my existing middleware and gc_inst directories. Now, to uninstall the old (are they unused?) OMS directories I have to follow an additional set of steps in Appendix J:


      Deleting the Old OMS Home


      While that's not a difficult task I'm trying to understand the logic and purpose in the upgrade strategy. Can someone within the EM team chime in? Is this the strategy going forward?


      It's quite possible that this information/strategy was published and I simply missed it. Looking back, If I knew that full installations was going to be the case for all future versions of EM then I would have chosen a different middleware home name when I installed For example, if it's like the DB then when I install should I create "mw_home1" like we have a database "db_home1"?


      This is a ticky tack issue but I don't like the layout of my newly installed EM 12cR3 -- having to choose new directories with different names. After I remove the old can I do a "software only" installation of into the original directories then switch from the "upgraded" 12cR3 to the "installation only" binaries?


      Thanks for the feedback.




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          Rajesh Lathwal

          Hi Rich,


          Out of place strategy is actually very good in case we need to roll back in case of any issue during upgrade. Oracle has started recommending this for all products. Even for RDBMS upgrade in 11G/12c we have the out of place option available now.




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            Hi Rich,


            You want to have upgraded Repository as it is.

            And want to have the binaries and configuration at different location on same host ?

            Is the OMS and Repository DB are on same host or different hosts ?

            How many agents pointed to this OMS.



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              Akanksha Sheoran Kaler-Oracle

              Thanks Richard for your feedback.  We already have this feedback captured in ER 16983192.  The logic behind this behavior is : In case of upgrade failure you can start your old oms as we dont touch your old oms directory and create a new one for the new oms. However we do agree that it can be painful to manually remove the old oms to ease this we have an ER open and we will try to get this sorted in next EM release.


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                Hi Akanksha,


                Thank you for the feedback. Currently, the documentation uses "/u01/app/Oracle/Middleware/" as an example of a middleware home. Would it make sense to change this recommendation to match the out-of-place upgrade "ORACLE_HOME" strategy the RDBMS team is suggesting? Meaning, if you installed 12.1.0.x (say the middleware home would be /u01/app/Oracle/Middleware/mw_home1 and when you upgraded to you would install it in /u01/app/Oracle/Middleware/mw_home2? Would/Could this directory logic also apply to the agents?


                Installing an Enterprise Manager System


                I also discovered a couple other items that I didn't realize I would have to fix. 


                1. I have an APEX Listener and APEX Domain hanging off the GC WebLogic installation which didn't make the migration. I understand this is my issue, not an EM upgrade issue, but is it safe to say I'm not the only guy doing this? I find it a great re-use of an existing WL installation..... plus I don't think I'm violating any Oracle licensing... if I am, forget #1


                2. My Active Directory integration is no longer valid   This was a task I did not realize I would have to re-execute once my upgrade was complete. Maybe I missed it in the upgrade documents?


                I see a catch all reference that sort of warns me about my two issues:


                Things to Know




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                  Thanks Rajesh, I agree with you that it can be a very useful installation strategy. I'm more for it than I am against it... I do have some heart burn over what does not get migrated, what's left over, and what we have to 'manually' clean up.


                  That said -- If you asked me if the philosophy and strategy has been clearly defined and communicated I would say no. I'm sure the EM team would argue that they have told customers many times what the plan is and I'm just the guy who hasn't paid enough attention. That could be fair