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    help with closing a pop-up window (opened with Skillbuilder popup) AND passing back a value to parent window


      I am using apex 4.2 along with the skillbuilder pop-up window.   The parent window (p110) opens a child using skillbuilders 2.0 popup.  The popup window (p114) passes back a value from a report (#VESSEL_ID#) after confirming with the user.


      For some reason, and I am certain it is simple syntax that I am not catching, when the user selects the #VESSEL_ID#, the appropriate confirmation message will appear, but the window does not close or pass the value.



      The field #VESSE_ID# has a URL Link  :

      javascript: closeMe(pVessel, psupplierVesselId);


      which calls the function closeME:


      <script language="JavaScript">


      function closeMe (pVessel,psupplierVesselId)




      if (psupplierVesselId !== "999999" || (psupplierVesselId == "999999" && confirm ("Reminder for Federal Dealers: when reporting from shore do not select UNKNOWN vessel")))








      any help is appreciated!  thanks