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    Capture Close icon event for ADF dynamic UI shell








      I am using Oracle ADF dynamic TAB UI shell template to build
      the application.



      I have two option to close Employee TAB on right side , one
      is “Remove Tab” highlighted in Navigation pane and second is close icon in
      right most corner of tab page.






      Now while closing the tab page I want to invoke one method
      or task. In Remove Tab  I am able to do this by managed Bean (writing the
      method into bean and invoke that method in Command link of Navigation pane).






      But here the challenge is to invoke same method while
      closing the Tab by close icon. Therefore I want to capture the event and call
      this method.






      Please let me know if you can share any idea on this.

















      When clicked on Remove tab I am getting popup message
      successfully while changing the name SMITHR from RITESH.