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    jdeveloper -> gallery -> folder without readme file


      hi all,


      prerequisite: jdeveloper

      create simple application and try to add folder as right click on project -> new -> all technologies -> general -> folder -> fill name and press ok


      in application navigator i don't see created folder may be because it's empty yet ( but why i can't see it in app navigator? ) ( but i can see the folder in os )

      next add file ( new -> all technologies -> general -> file ) into earlier created folder and as result the folder and the file are showed in app navigator


      mmmmm ok

      BUT why when i create a folder the "readme.txt" file created also and not showed in app navigator but used by deploy and can be seen by os ?


      how can i create a folder without "readme.txt" in it


      if needed i can create any file ( new -> all technologies -> general -> file )