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    FSCM - INV/PO - PS-queries


      Hello All:


      I'm in the process of developing few queries to achieve the following, please let me know if any delivered queries available in 9.2 (or)  what tables need to be queried, details are as follows:


      Queries to be developed in Inventory and PO:

      1. View the available quantities in a stockroom for an item that need to order.
      2. Status of the items ordered on a Material Stock Request.
      3. Status of requested non-stock items including date of purchase; order dispatch date and expected receipt date.
      4. Trend of daily order fulfillment percentage.  What percentage of items ordered were filled.  How to achieve % in the calculations.  e.g (QTY_REQUESTED) / (QTY_SHIPPED) = 'x'%, thoughts/suggestions?


      Any help is highly appreciated.


      Thanks in anticipation!



      note:  I have posted this question earlier in INV/PO community and advised me to re-post as new, hence this question is re-posted again.  Any help here is highly appreciated.

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          Hello User: Thank you for posting in Oracle Communities. This seems to be a direct PO question. I will move it to that community.

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            Most the questions above have been addressed via this thread, but the remaining question is how to achieve "%" using Query Manager such as in the calculation: QTY_REQUESTED) / (QTY_SHIPPED) = x %

            I suggested to add an Expression and try to use the Meta-SQL %DecDiv since Meta-SQL's are allowed in Expressions.


            Information about Expressions and Meta-SQL's is available here:
            PeopleTools 8.5x PeopleBook: PeopleSoft Query > Defining Selection Criteria > Defining Expressions

            PeopleTools 8.5x PeopleBook: PeopleCode Language Reference > Meta-SQL Elements


            The customer tried using an Expression but he was not able to make it work.




            PS: this thread should be moved to this Community: PeopleSoft (MOSC) > PeopleTools - PSFT (MOSC)

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              Hello jchan,


              Please see the note from Frederic, this thread is going back and forth couples time for couple weeks, is this due to lack of any details?


              I would appreciate if someone could take a lead and resolve would be highly appreciated.