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    Using Microsoft Translator with Endeca Integrator


      Hello everybody,

      I'm try to use Microsoft Translator API to translate phrases in Endeca Integrator (I need it for multilanguage sentiment analysis).

      I registered to Microsoft Azure and followed all the required steps but when I configure an HTTPConnector to do the POST request for obtaining the access token I receive the following error:


      #0|response|S->{"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"ACS90011: The content type \u0027\"text/plain\"\u0027 is not supported in the content type header.\r\nTrace ID: ee874153-e5da-4151-8840-2c21cfa06bb3\r\nCorrelation ID: efcb8660-dce5-4b51-a4cd-2634b5e57e24\ [...]


      I tried some different content types (text/plain, multipart/data, multipart/mixed) but I always receive the same error (content type not supported in the content type header)...


      My doubt is that I misconfigured some fields in the HTTPConnector component...where can I find a quick guide to configure it for POST requests?

      I made a screenshot of my configuration:is there any error?