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    Problem with 'Add a New Value' Component Functionality


      Hi All,


      I'm having a problem with the "Add a New Value" component functionality.  The purpose of the Component is to add an instructor for credentialing purposes.  When a new instructor is added using the component, he/she is added to a credentialing table.  The search record searches this table allowing the user to update an existing instructor record. The Add Search Record for the component is a view of PS_PERSONAL_VW that excludes the entries in the credentialing table.  The only key in scroll 0 is emplid from the credentialing record. When an attempt is made to add a new employee, I receive the error - "The value you have tried to add already exists. Please specify a new value in the fields above.", despite the fact that the employee selected has not been added and is not in the credentialing table.


      Does anybody have an idea of what the problem is here?


      PTools Version:         8.53.08

      PS App Version:        9.0

      Oracle DB Version:

      OS Version:               Win7 64bit


      Thanks in advance.