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    Oracle Apex Calendar items are not aligned correctly.


      Hi Gurus,

                  I have created a calendar form and i'm displaying a some linked item in the calendar cell. However the values inside the cell are not aligned properly. My question is is there any way to make all items inside the calendar cell to align left. The query i am using to populate the calendar is as follows.


      SELECT  distinct a.RC_SEQ_NO, (trim(a.MAJ_BUL_NO)||'_'||trim(a.MID_BUL_NO)||'_'||trim(a.MIN_BUL_NO))||'_'||BUL_STAGE||'<br>' "RELEASE"  ,  trunc(a.PLN_DATE) "PLN_DATE" FROM RL_RELEASE_CALENDAR a where  STATUS =:P68_DISPLAY_TYPE OR (STATUS = :P68_DISPLAY_TYPE AND STATUS ='O')