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    Error in updating a record containing a BLOB


      I've created a simple interactive form on report. The form and the report are based on a table where one of the column is a BLOB.

      The problem is this. I insert a new set of values for every column by using the DML form and for the BLOB column of course I browse and upload an external PDF and that I save without problem.

      From the report page I see the <download> tag for that column and I can download the PDF again without problem, but if I try to open again the DML form for that record and I try to change the value of a text column, when I save I get the message "ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ..." with reference to the BLOB column. I can't understand. Once I re-open the DML form on that record to update a column, does the BLOB column no longer contain the PDF? Why should I upload the external PDF again?

      Thanks in advance!