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    Middleware Home File and Subdirectory Permissions




      I have a security requirement to ensure that the permissions of the files and subdirectories contained in the Middleware Home directory are set to 700 for subdirectories and executable files and

      600 for non-executable files.


      I have verified that the Middleware Home directory does comply with this.  However, after creating a Managed Server and deploying an application, the Managed Server's directory, subdirectories, and some files are actually 740 or 750.


      Is there a way to control this during Managed Server creation or application deployment?


      Example:  TEST_Server should also 700 but is actually 750


      ls -l /opt/app/oracle/MiddleWare/user_projects/domains/DomainMA/servers

      total 9

      drwx------   3 oracle   oinstall       3 Nov 18 21:42 AdminServer

      drwx------   3 oracle   oinstall       3 May  5 18:52 domain_bak

      drwxr-x---   9 oracle   oinstall       9 May  7 13:16 TEST_Server


      Thank you,

      Daniel M.