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    Data Visibility in Application



      I am working on a scenario as below.

      There are multiple organizations created in Siebel such as Org 1, Org 2 , Org 3......


      Now there are divisions under each orgs such as Div1org1,Div2org1,Div3org1, Div1org2, Div2org2,Div3org2, Div1org3,Div2org3, Div3org3.

      And relevant positions are created under each division and organization.


      Now a user of Org1 want to see data of Div2org2 only and on similar lines, a user of Org2 want to see data of Div1org3 also a user of Org3 want to see data of Div1org1, Div3org2 and Div3org3.

      Again  the assignment of DivXorgX would be dynamic which will be updated on daily feeds, where X represents division number.


      Can you please suggest any better approach on how to take it forward?


      PS: I have associated the position(s) to the user and have asked them to Navigate the User Preference and Change position.



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          Dear User,


          Org structure is very strict when it comes to siebel.


          Now In order to make data visible from other orgs,  partner to be setup, they need to be created as an Organization or underneath an existing Partner Organization  and that Organization needs to be added to Siebel objects in order for the partner to see those objects  ex  Accounts, Opportunities, Price Lists, Products etc.

          Here just adding org under each other will not help but you need to add Org to the objects that Org  needs to see.

          This is standard PRM practice and enforces security so that partners see only what they are allowed to see.

          Although Siebel provides the ability to add an child organization below an organization – there is no place in Siebel that flattens out this org structure for providing access.

          Just my thought..its open for further discussion.

          Best Regards,


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            Hi Chetan,

            Current application where this kind of functionality needs to be implemented is Siebel Financial Services.


            By any chance, can you point us to any documentation around above approach?



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              Dear User,


              There might not be any documentation for it.


              But considering how Siebel is strict when it comes to Organizational structure, this needs to be handled with outmost care.


              I would suggest to create an SR with Oracle support and give reference of this thread for better clarification. It might happen that we might need to contact internal product experts as well for various approaches.


              I hope it helps.



              Best Regards,


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                Dear Chetan,


                We will raise an SR with Oracle and provide reference of this thread.


                However I am mainly interested in having a PRM documentation which can help me understand above.

                Can you please direct me to any link or web site where I can find the same?