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    Oracle XE or an other one for studying (debian os)




      I am a bit lost. I would like to install an Oracle database edition on my laptop which os is Debian. Nevertheless, it is not possible. Indeed, all the packages are .rpm. So, i tried to ask some advices. Someone told me i should install an other version (the entreprise edition) but it doesn't seem to be free (he said : "it would be free to do what you want"). I am a young student who would like to work at home on languages like PL/SQL and Triggers. So, i come to beg some help here. It would be very nice if you could give me good advices. What would you do ?


      Thank you for your help






      PS: if the only way is to change the operating system, what would you use ? CentOs or Fedora ? I want to install it on my laptop with others applications like Eclipse, Tomcat, XAMP.