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    EM  Thread-1878 ERROR pingManager

      Hi all,



      On the same server, We have two(2) databases  PROD1 with OracleHome1 at /u01   and  PROD2 with  OracleHome2  /u02.

      The have common Listener located at OracleHome1 /u01

      I intended it separate because they are for separate app with different PSU patch requirements, One when DbVault-TDE and the other none.


      When I setup OEM at PROD1 /u01, it was good and successful. But when I setup OEM (port 5503) at PROD2  /u02 , the OEM (port 5502) at PROD1 does not start anymore

      It gets error:

      2014-05-11 19:04:54,249 Thread-1878 WARN  http: nmehl_connect_internal: connect failed to (IST-SIT:5502): A remote host refused an attempted connect operation. (error = 79)

      2014-05-11 19:04:54,249 Thread-1878 ERROR pingManager: nmepm_pingReposURL: Cannot connect to https://IST-SIT:5502/em/upload/: retStatus=-1


      Do I need to create two separete listener to resolve the issue?




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          You could need a second listener


          Having a listener in Home A listening for incoming connections on Home B is messy


          I've always tried to keep one listener per home.



          If you stop the 5503 OEM can you then start the 5502 OEM?


          you should probably leave both off

          do a netstat -an

          start 5502

          do another netstat -an

          then stop 5502 and start 5503

          Do a final netstat -an


          Then compare the output of the 3 netstats to see if OEM are trying to listen on the same ports




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