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    Smart View with excel 2013 for essbase


      Hello Everyone,


      I'm new to Essbase and haveing trouble to understand how smart view works. below is my question/scenario.

      OS - Unix.

      Essbase -


      Currently Excel-Addin for essbase works fine for excel2007. But now the excel version has been upgraded to 2013 and excel addin doesnt work. So installed Smart View and when I tried to connect, it gave an error "The location provided in the URL is not a Shared Service" (not exact error


      ). In



      Smart view-Advanced tab, I did give my server and port details. But it is still giving the same error.



      By looking at other posts, tried below.

      1) Ran this http://<server><port>/http://<server><port>/workspace/SmartViewProviders in browser with server name and port as 19000 but it gave an error (IE cant display page).

      2) ran this http://servername:13080/aps/APS in browser with server name but it too gave the same error.

      3) checked for service, Hyperion Service Provider* in unix but it did not return anything.

      4) In EAS did not find any details of existing provider services under "Provider Servers". So I tried creating one, with URL as  http://localhost:13080http://localhost:13080/aps/APS/aps/APS and authenticating server as localhost. But it gave an error "URL http://localhost:13080/aps/APS is not reachable. Please enter another Provider Services URL.Connection refused: connect"


      My question is, If provider service is necessary for Smart View to work; do I need to install provider services now? or am I missing something while creating Provider Service in EAS?

      How was Excel add-in work all these days, if APS is not installed?

      How to know if Provider services are installed on my server?

      How know if the essbase installed on the server is in Standalone mode or not?

      and ..how to know which port to use for different URLS?


      Please help!! It's been a week...still struggling, end goal is to see the connections in smart view to work on cubes.


      Thank you,