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    Identify the cluster home is shared




      I just recently attended a session,  How do you an identify the cluster home is shared or not?


      I don;t find much info from browsing. Could you please explain.


      Thanks in advance




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          If you are sharing the Home, you have to use something la OCFS, or NFS, if you are sharing this Home you can enter this Home (directory), create a test file and you will see this file on the second server.


          cd $HOME

          echo "test" > test.txt



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            Adding to J.A. ' s response...if you can see the file on the other node, then try to modify that file on the other node. If both nodes can write to the file, then the storage is shared in read/write mode among the tested nodes. Sometimes, there is storage that is read/write on one node, but read-only on the other nodes, which will not work for an Oracle clustered database solution.