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    Remove Two Pass Calc Property via Rules File (


      Hello All,


      Does anyone know of a way to remove a Two Pass Calc property setting via rules file? This is the use case...


      • Admin mistakenly sends a 'T' to a property field enabling Two Pass Calc, and then realized that setting was not required (sent X~T)
      • On the next dimension built, we are no longer sending a 'T', but the Two Pass Calc property remains (sent X~)
      • "Allow Property Changes" is turned on for the Rules File. I've tried enabling the "Delete when field is empty" setting on the Property column, and if you send an empty field, it will revert the Data Storage and Consolidation properties to "Store" and "+" respectively, but will not update the Two Pass Calc setting (or TimeBalance, TimeBalanceSkip, VarianceReporting).


      The only way I've had success is to destroy the dimension, and then completely rebuild, but this will not work for our business requirement due to the risk of losing data in the cube. I could build some checks & balances around this process, but it is not possible at present.


      Any guidance will be greatly appreciated!



      Jordan Wilcox