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    Smart View 'Free-Form' vs Excel Add-In


      The following Sample.Basic retrieve is valid in the Excel Add-In:





      New York



      It will retrieve in Smart View, but always converts immediately to this:






      New York



      Note that the Scenario and Product members have jumped over to 'stack' on the Year member.


      I can't find any way to stop this happening.  The context is converting some legacy Add-In reports.  Users don't want to change the layout at all, if avoidable.

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          Hi Tim ..

          what is this SV version?

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            I really should know better than to omit that.



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              This is actually very interesting. Old versions of the Add-in would not allow you to put anything into cell A1. Around version 6.2 that changed and it was allowed.  I'm afraid you are not going to be able to change this behavior.  In the case of the add-in it treated this as header info sort of like the POV in Smart View. In Smart View, this is treated as column information.  If the scenario and product were across instead of down it would act like the smart View POV.

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                Thanks Glenn.  Bummer.  Hopefully the next release of Smart View will be the 'Parity' one.


                (just kidding, Oracle people - the users will see plenty of improvements from switching)

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                  the next version will be he parody one.  I actually think they did pretty well with the parity. There are a couple of things missed and a couple of things that are slightly different. Frankly for me, the issue you have is minor, but I don't know your users

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                    Hi Glen and Tim ..

                    what is this Parity concept?

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                      Hi Abroshan - I'm joking really.  But somewhere around the Smart View team was talking at conferences etc about this being the release that would finally give Smart View "parity" with the Excel Add-In.  In other words, that Smart View would do everything the Excel Add-In could do (and more).

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                        got it .. thanks

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                          GlennS_3 wrote:


                          Frankly for me, the issue you have is minor, but I don't know your users


                          Hi Glenn, to respond (seriously) to this point - yes, it's not really a disaster.  But there are ten years' of accumulated Add-In reports at this client, some formatted carefully for presentation.


                          One nasty real example:


                          Say those POV/page members for Scenario and Product are fed from formulas; cell references to a master sheet. And that those rows are hidden for display purposes.


                          Now the user starts using Smart View instead of the Add-In.  The first time she refreshes, everything looks good, so she thinks "No changes necessary for this one - next!".


                          But Smart View has - unseen - pasted the current literal values for Scenario and Product into all the other columns on the report (none of the formula options seem to affect this).


                          The next time the user runs it, updating the master sheet Scenario and Product doesn't have any effect on the retrieve.


                          It's a shame Smart View feels the need to mess with the layout, since it is clearly capable of interpreting the first format correctly.

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                            I do appreciate your and the OP's concerns and it would be nice if the products acted exactly the same. Of course if they did, you would probably be losing new functionality that the add-in didn't deliver. Perhaps I have a jaded view, but I look at this like any other software upgrade. Excel 2010 worked very differently that Excel 2003 and in many cases I had to convert spreadsheets to work. The same with other applications. In order to innovate, there are some sacrifices that do occur. It would be nice were there conversion tools were in place to help, but alas because there are not, we have to manually work through changes. I know of people who have written macros to take the "standardized" format of reports for their company and reformatted them to deal with the changes.

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                              Thanks, and don't get me wrong - I think this move will be great for users overall.  Data-driven filters (aka Smart Query), multiple grid support, smart slices, butterfly reports, a richer set of VBA functions...  There are definitely benefits that more than compensate for the short-term pain.


                              BTW - I am the OP for once.

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                                Even though smart view has a bit parity towards excel addin, i still feel that it has lot way to go compared to excel addin.


                                What i love about excel addin

                                1. I never use mouse for my retrievals or any admin related operations when I was ussing v6.5.7 with addin and app manager. all operations, hierarchy changes, additions deletions alias changes, formula updates...everything and literally everything i used to do is with keyboard shortcuts and it was pretty fast. EAS is a hell to me as it is slow and smartview has no better keyboard shortcuts
                                2. Range selection retrieve performs better in excel addin. With multiple adhoc, everytime i want to extend the scope, i have to delete the sheet info and then select the range and then do adhoc analysis
                                3. Can i report script directly in smart view?
                                4. I still hate to add private connections and only then i can directly click refresh button. If not, I ahve to click "adhoc analysis" every time
                                5. Essbase adhoc sheets with indentation doesn't work with planning adhoc

                                I will add more if it comes to my mind




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                                  Agreed, once you learn the shortcuts the Add-In is incredibly fast.  Office 2010 added that extra key-press by hiding the Add-Ins in their own ribbon.  It was all downhill from there.